GEOPRAGMA is an Action tank (more than a Think tank) of a new kind in France, dedicated to realistic and operational geopolitics.

GEOPRAGMA describes itself as « anti dogma, anti doxa, pro statera ».

Its founding paradox is that, in international relations, moralising idealism is most often destructive of humanity and efficiency, while ethically inspired realism grants optimal results in terms of cooperation and easing of tensions. In a way, “Human rightism” has gradually become a serious threat to humanity and peace. The cynicism of good feelings is wreaking havoc that can no longer be ignored. Consistency as well as human concern impose pragmatism.

This diagnosis calls for an assumed break with the international Western practices of the last 30 years, which had dramatic and counterproductive results in human and global security that nobody can anymore deny.

It led the founders of GEOPRAGMA to wish to rethink and disseminate a new French approach to modern conflict, so to advocate and support the role that a country like France can and must play on a global scale.

1 – The founders and members of GEOPRAGMA share a realistic attitude in political and geopolitical matters and assess world matters as they are, trying to identify the core reality of images and mental projections that distort the apprehension of what is possible.

The starting point is that both nations and peoples pursue their own interests and want to keep and consolidate their collective being by all means. Great feelings, great causes are sometimes sincerely rooted but more often only tools to reach that aim. Companies as well as private organizations act to develop and become more profitable while seeking, for the most part, to assume their social and environmental responsibility. These findings are not opinions but the conditions of any lucid and effective analysis.

Realism only allows policies and actions to be based on facts, power relations and collective choices as they are. This realistic approach is the cornerstone of GEOPRAGMA’s work as well as complete independence of thinking.

Our initiatives, advice and actions are free from any religious belief, political commitment, ideology. We are not “anti” or “pro” any country’s policy. Neither are we colluding or making any intellectual allegiance to any entity.

GEOPRAGMA serves the project of a free and influential France in a poly centric world, but also that of a European continent committed to peace, defined by stable and protective external borders, respectful of the sovereignty of Nations and concerned with the balance of powers, their dialogue and their cooperation. This project of a strategically refunded Europe is also that of a more sustainable civilization, fully integrated into modernity but free from an excessive financialisation of economic and social functions, taking into account cultural and historical diversity of human societies.

2 – GEOPRAGMA acts by disseminating information, assessments and proposals, by organising collective discussions, debates and meetings, by advising institutions and companies in the field of international relations and cross-border operations.

Far from preconceived ideas and rigorous conformism, we propose to  help governments, institutions and companies to get out of the current confusion, step back from the prevailing emotions and establish decisions about realities as they are, not as we are told they are or as we would like them to be.

3 – GEOPRAGMA brings together actors and high-level experts from the economic, strategic, security, diplomatic and information sectors, all of whom have concrete experience and proven results in their operations or companies.

These actors have acquired the independence of mind and judgement and the height of vision that enable them to establish analyses and propose actions without bias or conformism, while respecting history, territories, peoples and cultures. Their cultural approach to the diversity of the world and of people is both empathic and pragmatic. This is how GEOPRAGMA provokes collective reflection, provides elements and methods for debate, and accelerates decision making and operational implementation.

4 – The will to act of the founders of GEOPRAGMA leads us to define priority fields of action, and also to set limits.

GEOPRAGMA focuses on new issues of power and influence, and therefore on risks to our national independence and collective security.

GEOPRAGMA facilitates information exchange, knowledge sharing and joint action amongst States, institutions, networks and individuals.

GEOPRAGMA associates itself with French and international experts and networks useful to its projects, in interdisciplinary and comprehensive approaches.

The commitment that brings together the founding members of GEOPRAGMA intends to serve the French values, principles and interests. Our Think tank does not depend on any foreign country, nor is it dedicated to any private interest.