Any individual or legal person wishing to contribute, to support or simply to join the activities and work of GEOPRAGMA, shall sign and respect the Charter of the Association, which sets out its objectives, its core of beliefs and its methodological approach.

GEOPRAGMA is an independent strategic Think tank that aims at the renewal and the promotion of French strategic thinking based on a realistic, non-dogmatic and ethic vision of the world.

GEOPRAGMA is an initiative of general interest in the service of the public good and of the restoration of fundamentals to preserve our country from strategic relegation.

It is a civic initiative in its essence, free from any ideological or intellectual subjection. Neither « pro » nor « anti » anything or whoever, its object is precisely to free French strategic thinking from all naïve and counterproductive biases that cripple it.

Independence, consistency, pragmatism, authority, power, influence, dialogue, respect, ethics and responsibility are its cornerstones.

Article 1 – Members declare that they share the general objectives of the Association

  • Defending our national interests in the broadest sense and our civilization values

  • The re-foundation of an independent and consistent foreign and defence policy, backed by a strategic depth of thought and action that allows us to protect our internal security interests;

  • The promotion of a new French leadership on a European scale and of a regained influence on the international scene.

This ambition is nourished:

By an inspiration:

A pragmatic geopolitical vision of the world, of the power relations, the economic, cultural and societal phenomena that run through it, and of the desirable role of France as a power of balance and mediation in this permanently unstable chessboard.

A base of convictions among which:

  • States, as sovereign political actors, must remain at the foundation of international relations and of any structuring of global governance. No constructive international dialogue is possible without respecting this cornerstone. Dialogue, cooperation, respect and trust are the key words of any progress in the optimal coexistence between States and peoples.

  • You can only understand the world and act on it with a long term historical, non-dogmatic, pragmatic approach loosed from all ideological taboos and in compliance with the principles laid down in the first paragraph of Article 1.

  • The realistic approach to international relations is obviously more fruitful and protective than the moral approach which is a cynical decoy for the promotion of pure interests of power with destabilizing and bloody consequences.

Article 2 – Members declare on their honour that they are not in the service of any power and not linked to any interest that might impair their judgment. They commit themselves to disconnect their contribution to GEOPRAGMA from any other interest.

Article 3 – Membership of GEOPRAGMA does not authorize any speaking or any use of the image of the Association within the framework of a commercial process or for personal purposes. Any planned speech invoking name, image or reputation of the Association shall be submitted to the Board and shall obtain the express authorization of the President of the Association.

Article 4 – Members declare on their honour to act in their personal actions or those of their company within the framework of the law.